Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dear Followers Of This Blog (and Whoever Finds This Blog),

My newest blog is set up. 
I'm proud to introduce
The Snobby Music Guy.

On this blog, I will review some of the latest releases by many different artists.
Spoiler Alert! I'm a music snob. I don't care about what music you like, my opinion is the only one that matters. Ever.

So, if ya want, you may follow my new blog, and maybe discover new artists.



Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dear People Who Enjoy Good Music,

If you listen to, and enjoy, bands like 3oh!3 and BrokeNCYDE, two "bands" (I use this term loosely because what they "play" isn't music) who are up-and-coming in the new CrunkCore (basically Screamo vocals over top Techno-House snyth and hip hop drum loops) genre,

then this blog entry is NOT for you. People who like this shit excuse for the latest scene girl trend should just jump off buildings. Trust me, they'll be better off that way.

Ok, back to my point.

As I eagerly await for Brand New to announce when their fourth full length will hit stores, I find myself on I'm sorry, there's no way I can completely separate myself from social networking sites. Anyway, has been my savior during this Lenten season. I live and breath music, and this site is like paradise. Wanna know about new cds coming up? This site is for you. Wanna find new music to listen to? got it.
I was browsing the Music Forum on the site, and there was a thread titled "Manchester Orchestra - Mean Everything To Nothing LEAKED".
Since...idk, September, I have been listening to this band, and have been captivated by the music. It's powerful. It's melodic. Andy Hull's soft vocals and powerful bellows have gotten the best of me, and I'm hooked for life. If you ever have the time, try to listen to the tracks "The Procession", "Wolves at Night", "Colly Strings", "I Can Feel a Hot One", and their single off the new cd "I've Got Friends". Anyway, Mean Everything to Nothing hits shelves April 21st, and it saddens me that this album leaked. I am, however, part of the problem. I need new, kickass music, and since Brand New won't say anything, I downloaded it.

And all I can say is "Wow".

This cd is really, really... phenomenal. 

These guys are basically indie rock, but this cd has more of a Nirvana edge to it, and it's excellent. The song writing is great, the music is full of emotion and each song has a bigger than life quality. I may even pay ten bucks on April 21st to re-get this album, it's that damn good.
And, I highly suggest you all do the same. You will NOT be disappointed.

And I think now I'm going to start a new blog where I review some of the latest releases. Why not?