Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dear Girl,

I wish I knew it means something for real.
Every time you call me sweet, I jump out of my skin.
I want to claw my way through the screen and just say
I want you. You complete me.

My friend told me, to be blatantly honest, you
have to lie through your teeth.
My gums cant take the pressure, because I keep my jaw clenched.
Insert cliche "my lips are sealed" line.
But for all the wrong reasons.
I need to say things.
I don't want to be quiet any more.
You need to know, and I need to tell you.

This is me trying hard to be a poet. Fail.
I'll try to be my best at everything for you,
but winning you over with words ain't gonna happen.
Not by a long shot.
Insert cliche "actions speak louder than words" line.

If it's by sea, I don't wanna know.
If we all don't take cover
we're all gonna fall back in love again.


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