Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dear Karma,

You're a real bitch sometimes.
And I'm sorry for saying that. Don't hurt me, again.
But you really have to chill with your shenanigans.

Like that time it was raining out.
My family and I were sitting down to dinner,
and I had to leave for my child psychology class right after the meal.
Well, that day, my sister and I got into an argument because she likes to never
listen to what I have to say. The argument ended with me shouting "Fuck you!"
to her. I did apologize, but it didn't help matters. Anyway, back to dinner.
The argument continued, and my mom had my back at least 90%.
I guess the FU will make me lose 10 points.
My sister gets yelled at by my mom, and I start laughing, because me being immature,
I find it funny.
My sister gets up from the table, and slams the door behind her into her room.
I guess she went to cry, but I'm not positive.
So I get up to go to school. It's pouring out.
I walk down my steps, trying to avoid the rain.
I get into my front yard, and slip.
I'm covered in mud. My book, homework, clothes. Everything.
I walk back inside, and there's my sister.
She sees my situation, and gets the biggest smirk on her face.
I end up being late for class.

Or, how about this last friday.
Back Seat Riot has a show at the Linwood Firehall (which went surprisingly well).
After the band checks in, Greg, Dave, and I decide to go to Wawa. Dave drives.
We get our food, and we chill in Dave's car to eat our food for about 10 minutes.
As we're leaving the parking lot, we see one of the bands, Isn't It Always, and their car/trailer broke down on the side of rt.9. 
Greg asks "Should we help them out?"
I say "No! Let's get the fuck out of here!"
And Dave hightails it out of there.
So, we play, the show goes well, and it's time to leave.
I follow Dave's car to shore road.
He goes to turn, and I follow suit.
Mid-turn, my car shuts off.
I try my best to get to the side of the road, put on my emergency blinkers.
I try to start the car. It sputters and doesn't kick over. The electric is working, however.
I call Greg, and the guys turn around to come meet up with me. I call my mom, she calls my dad, we push the car, long story short, my car is left in front of a house in Linwood.
My parents think my car is out of gas. We go to fill it, no dice.
I just had it towed to the shop yesterday, because two days ago, we got buried with a foot of snow.
This is the third time my car has had something wrong with it since I got it in July.
The first time it broke down, to get it fixed was over $200.
Then, my heat broke. It has been the coldest winter, and I have no working heat. 
To get the heat fixed would cost $850.
So, I'm guessing this time, to fix it, will most likely be over $1,000.
It's "Carma". How about them puns?

Anyway, Karma, I guess I should learn my lesson sooner or later.


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