Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dear Joaquin Phoenix,

You're one of my favorite actors. Well, were one of my favorites.

You're quitting film to follow your hip hop career. You're following your dreams, and that's excellent.

But last night, your Letterman appearance had me asking "What is he on, and can I have 

Here you are, chatting with David 3 years ago:

Thanks to that video, you're throwing my font all out of wack, but I'm far too lazy to change it.
Anyways, here you are with Mr. Letterman on February 11th:

I do not know if it's crack, or acid, or even just regular marijuana. All I know is that, 
I love you. You were kick ass in Signs, and pretty damn awesome in Walk The Line.


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  1. max, the font and structure is wonky on firefox. firefox and explorer usually load differently and i know you are using safari.

    try to use firefox when you post something, it should be fine then.

    *just a suggestion*

    you may also want to go into your settings and get rid of word verification or i will show you how to obtain a haloscan account for comments. it's easier, trust me, and if you get unwanted comments, it is easy to go into haloscan and ban somebody's IP address. you are young at this, so i don't expect a lot of flaming, but it could happen.

    just sayin'.