Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dear Whoever Finds This Blog (Wacky Ash Wednesday Edition),

Gooooooooooooooooood Morning!
I can honestly say I've never felt this happy before. I feel so chill.
I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my chest.
I feel like the possibilities are endless. 

Where to begin, where to begin?
I guess I'll start here.
I'm gonna take it back to my freshman year of high school.
I don't know if this is considered late in the game, but I learned how to text message on my phone my freshman year. I also started my first social networking page. My Xanga.
That was when the downward spiral began.
I became hooked.
I couldn't focus on any of my school work. I wouldn't exercise. I would sit and eat in front of my computer. My lifestyle was unhealthy.
Years passed.
Myspace overthrew my Xanga. 
Facebook moved in, and began to coexist with Myspace.
It has been the worst recently. 
I would waste at least 4 hours, give or take, sitting behind my computer screen, all before 1 in the afternoon. I would just sit here, staring at the screen, waiting for a notification. A friend request. I once caught myself staring for at least an hour.
It was awful.
I've upgraded my phone to the Verizon EnV, and then the EnV 2.
Full keyboard.
I texted like it was nobody's business. Fastest thumbs in the East. The speed and precision of my texts were ridiculous. I got so good, my drunk texts would read as completely sober (sorry, Mom).
It got to a point where on a normal day, I would have to clear my inbox/outbox, which held 300 messages, twice a day. Maybe three times, depending how social I felt.

About two months ago, I made the decision.
I was going to give up Myspace, Facebook, and text messaging for Lent.
I didn't tell anyone at first because I knew that people would talk shit.
So, around the end of January, I started my "Obligatory Facebook Status Update Countdown".
"Max D'Aulerio is starting his Obligatory Facebook Status Update Countdown at 35".
My best friend, Greg, questioned the countdown. So, being honest, I told him.
"I get the facebook/myspace thing, but don't give up texting. That's irrational."
Indeed, it is.
I told him my side of the story, like I just told you.
He fought my reasonings, but I held strong in my arguments.
Blah blah blah, long story short, the countdown was on.

I lost count of the countdown. I got lazy.
I did tell more people of my plans.
Nobody liked my ideas.
"Max, you think of dumb things, but this is by far one of the dumbest."
"Say goodbye to your social life."
Yeah, whatever.
I'm pretty good at blocking certain things out. 
Like, last Saturday, I went to dinner with Dave, Tommy, and Julia.
The times they complained, I just thought of what I can do with my spare time.
When I have my mind set on something, I'm going to man up, and just do it.
When I'm on a mission, there is nothing you can do to stop me.
To quote the My New Haircut Video:
"Not now chief, I'm in the fucking zone."

I do have my supporters out there.
I would like to thank them for being behind me on this one.
That's what she said.

But, what I find funniest about this whole thing, is how people are lazy.
"Max, how am I going to get in touch with you??"
Call me.
"Max, what if it's an emergency!?"
Call me.
"What if I'm in class, and it's an emergency!?!?!"
If it's that bad of an emergency, find a way to step out of class, and call me.
"Max, this is soooo inconvenient for me!"
This isn't about you, call me.

It's like when you cant find the remote control for your tv, 
but you don't get up to change the channel manually.

Anyway, by eliminating my "social life", I feel that I'll be more social.
Confusing, yes, but check it.
What did people do before they became dependent on Facebook and their texts?
They called people on the phone.
Had vocal conversations.
Actually hung out with people.
They were social.
That's my goal.

With all my free time, I plan on actually doing my school work for once.
Reading more. In fact, my friend Kaila, who is big into poetry, has a poem-a-day for me. 
40 poems. I'll write how each one effects me after im done reading it.
I'm not into poetry, but maybe after Easter, I'll have a better appreciation for it.
To make it fair, I made her a playlist. 40 songs. A song a day. She'll have to write about what makes these songs special.
I also want to get my fat ass in gear and exercise. Get into the enigma that is "in shape".
I'll write on this blog, and on guitar.
Get better at drumming.
Find myself, and maybe get a little bit closer to God in the process.
It's a win win for Maxy.

So, that's the deal.
40 days.
If the J-Dog can resist temptation in the desert, than so can I.