Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dear Whoever Finds This Blog,

I'm new at this blogging thing, so give me a break.
First off, I would like to thank my friends Kaila and Jackie for inspiring me to begin to write.
Seeing how I'm very self-centered, this should be easy, writing about myself.
My mom blogs, but I'm not eloquent like her. She's also a big inspiration to me.
Anyways, let's set some ground rules:
1) Everything you read here, on this blog, will be true. This is all the stuff that has happened, or happening, or what will happen to me. Think of me like Tucker Max, only without the sex.
2) Names will not be changed for safety of others. If you have had a profound impact on my life, you will be mentioned.
3) Once I figure out how to, I will change my layout of this blog. Like, seriously, dots? They're annoying, and they don't reflect my personality.
4) I'm a grammar and spelling enthusiast. I like to be correct when I type. I may also often use racist/sexist remarks, but let me reassure you, I'm neither. I just have a twisted sense of humor.


A little bit about me.
I'm new to this writing thing. It seems interesting, so I will roll with it.
I've been drumming for 5 years now. I've been in a couple bands, and I love every opportunity I get to showcase my talent. I guess you could say I'm really good at drumming, but I honestly think I'm bad at it. You can decide for yourself, by going to www.myspace.com/backseatmusicnj.
I'm almost at a year post op since my Lap Band surgery. My highest weight was at 310 lbs, and now I'm struggling to break the 260 mark.
I'm full of angst. It may be because of what lemons life has given me, or it might be from my favorite band, Brand New. Seriously, every song they wrote, I have a connection to. 
I also enjoy writing songs, trying to sing, and trying to play guitar. For some more self promotion, you can check out www.myspace.com/maxdauleriomusic.
One more important thing: I have some of the worst luck when it comes to girls.
Another important thing: Karma is real. I do not care if you believe it or not, it is very real.

I also believe that there is a God, and why he (or she) does things, well, we're not supposed to know. I feel that's what faith is all about. Does that make sense to you?

I'm sorry if it doesn't.

Anyhoo, I'm rather tired, and I've been feeling sick all day. I think it's time for my beauty sleep.



  1. Welcome to the blogosphere. I look forward to watching your blog take shape.

  2. "Another important thing: Karma is real. I do not care if you believe it or not, it is very real."

    - oh all those evil little african children who starve to death at 2 years old, tisk tisk. they had it coming because of karma!